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About the City. Shanghai, the largest city in China, situated in the delta of the Yangtze River, one of the four cities separated Republic of China. Shanghai is the most populous city in China, Asia and around the world. The whole administrative had in 2010 23 019 148 inhabitants.

Shanghai is China's largest economic center, financial and communication, as well as the third largest (after Rotterdam and Singapore) seaport in the world. In the city stock exchange, commodity exchanges and the big banks. Developed engineering, metal, chemical, transportation, electronics, printing, textile, food, footwear, and high technology. Great hub (airports Shanghai-Hongqiao, Shanghai-Pudong, metro).

City name consists of the characters "on" and "sea" (not to say, however, "in the sea" - "on the sea" is a Chinese 海上 Hǎi Shang), it is often interpreted as a "Farthest extent of the sea" or "(Forward) in sea". Abbreviated names are 滬 (simplification. 沪, HU) or 申 (Shen). Shanghai has numerous nicknames, given by the newcomers from the west, among others Paris of the East, the Queen of the Orient and Asian Prostitute (a matter of years, the fall of Shanghai - twenties and thirties - when was widespread crime and prostitution).

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