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London - the city which is the capital of Great Britain and England, located in the south-eastern part. Located on the River Thames, it is the third largest city in Europe after Moscow and Istanbul; It is also the largest city in the European Union and one of the largest cities in the world both in the same city and agglomeration. Population of London (within the so-called. Greater London) is approx. 8.4 million (2013). In the area of 1572 km²; all the London metropolitan area, including all adjacent villages counts approx. 13 million people (the so-called area. metropolis). About 20% of the population comes from Asia, Africa and the Caribbean. Contemporary London is the largest financial center in the world (since 2006 against New York). Here are made 30% of global trade currencies and 40% of global trade Eurobonds. In London, located a few hundred banks, the largest exchange in Europe (third in the world), numerous insurance companies and investment. London is also a great media center. It is also one of the most polluted cities in the European Union.


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